Sliding Barn Doors (and Where to Find Hardware)

How do barn doors work?

Barn sliding door hardware is a great way to quickly open up a room or closet in your house. The hardware consists of two hangers that connect to a sliding door track. The result is that the door can slide freely on the track, holding it open or closed until you want to move it.

Sliding doors can be opened and closed without disrupting others. A good example of this is in small closets where space is limited. The door frees up valuable real estate for storage and/or shelving.

When working with specialists, barn door hardware can be custom-made to fit any door frame. When paired with stationary rollers, they are perfect for any task in a small area.

What style are barn doors?

Barn doors aren’t just limited to an old-fashioned, rustic farmhouse style.

This is where creative thinking comes into play. Sliding doors are available for any style you like.

If you want the convenience of sliding doors with the sleekness and cleanliness of contemporary design, you can choose a variety of materials: stainless steel tracks & mounts, glass doors, and tracks & mounts of stylized bold colors.

You can also choose tracks and hangers that have different textures – flat, matte-finish, powdery, smooth, and others.

How to choose barn door hardware?

Every place, whether a home or a commercial office, is different, so there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all sliding doors. The “one-size-fits-all” barn door hardware from Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon, and Wayfair might just not cut it. In fact, if you unknowingly choose the wrong type of hardware, you may run into issues with your project, and you’ll probably regret it. In addition, lower-priced generic products will cost you more in repairs later.

Hence, barn door hardware isn’t something you just purchase. The right barn door for you is always custom-made. It’s a task that requires professional advice.

Before you order hardware online, make sure you discuss it with a veteran for advice. The best seasoned specialists are devoted exclusively to the interior design space. In fact, the company we link to in the 1st paragraph has an entire team of these specialists – and they’ve been this way in their 25+ years of existence. You can trust them on sound advice for sliding door and accordion door hardware customization & installation.

When in doubt, call the sliding door specialists before ordering. Tell them about your project, and they’ll tell you what’s right for it.

There are many kinds of sliding doors for different applications:

  • Single doors
  • Double doors
  • Bypass doors
  • Cabinet doors
  • Mini doors

What are the parts of a sliding door?

There are lots of different types of barn door kits available on the market, but they all come with the same essentials.

A complete barn door kit comes with:

  • A door mounting track
  • A pair of hangers
  • A pair of track stops
  • A pair of anti-jump brackets
  • A floor guide

A full barn door kit may also come with an instruction sheet, or you can call a dedicated team to get custom-tailored help. If you’re unsure about how to order and/or install the barn door, then it’s best to call the team at Specialty Doors for professional advice.